Creating Volume with a Hot Styling Brush: Your Ultimate Guide

Creating Volume with a Hot Styling Brush: Your Ultimate Guide

Achieving voluminous, shiny, frizz-free, salon-worthy hair can be a breeze with the right techniques and tools. As someone who loves exploring hair styling methods, I've found that using a hot styling brush, like our B.R.U.S.H 30/40, is a game-changer. It’s perfect for anyone, whether you're getting ready in the morning, need a quick touch-up throughout the day, or are preparing for a night out. In this guide, I'll share my top techniques for lifting roots, adding body to fine hair, and enhancing volume with the help of some fantastic products.

Techniques for Lifting Roots


Root lift is the foundation of voluminous hair. By targeting the roots, you can create an all-over lift that makes your hair look fuller and more vibrant. Here are my go-to techniques for lifting roots with the B.R.U.S.H 30/40:

1. Sectioning Your Hair

To effectively lift your roots, start by sectioning your hair. Divide your hair into manageable sections, typically about 2 inches wide. This allows you to focus on smaller areas, ensuring that every strand gets the attention it needs.

2. Prepping the Brush

Before using the B.R.U.S.H 30/40, ensure it’s heated to the optimal temperature of 180°C (356°F). This temperature is perfect for styling hair without causing damage, thanks to the infused macadamia oil, argan oil and keratin. These ingredients nourish your hair while you style, leaving it shiny and healthy.

3. Lifting Technique

To lift your roots, place the B.R.U.S.H 30/40 close to your scalp under each section of hair. Gently pull the brush upwards and hold it for a few seconds. This upward motion helps to create volume at the roots. Repeat this process throughout your hair, making sure to lift all the sections evenly.

4. Cool Down for Lasting Volume

Once you’ve lifted all the sections, let your hair cool down before styling further. This helps to set the volume and ensures it lasts longer. You can use a cool shot from a hairdryer or simply let your hair air cool.

Adding Body to Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, adding body can be challenging, but with the right techniques and the B.R.U.S.H 30/40, it’s entirely possible. Here’s how to give your fine hair a boost:

1. Choose the Right Size Brush

B.R.U.S.H 30 for medium hair and B.R.U.S.H 40 for long hair

For fine hair, the size 30 B.R.U.S.H is ideal. It’s perfect for short to shoulder-length hair and allows for more precise control. The smaller size is easier to maneuver through finer strands, ensuring you get the volume you desire without causing any damage.

2. Backcombing

Backcombing is an excellent way to add body to fine hair. After lifting your roots with the B.R.U.S.H 30/40, gently backcomb the hair at the crown. Use a fine-tooth comb to tease the roots slightly, then smooth the top layer for a polished look.

3. Use Volumizing Products

Before using the B.R.U.S.H 30/40, apply a volumizing mousse or spray to damp hair. This adds extra texture and grip, helping to create and maintain volume. Look for products that are lightweight and designed specifically for fine hair, so they don’t weigh your hair down.

4. Styling Tips

When styling fine hair, focus on adding waves and curls. The B.R.U.S.H 30/40’s ability to create light waves, curls, and straightened looks makes it incredibly versatile. For waves, wrap sections of hair around the brush, hold for a few seconds, and release. For curls, use a twisting motion as you pull the brush through your hair.

Products to Enhance Volume

To achieve the best results, pairing the B.R.U.S.H 30/40 with the right products is crucial. Here are some of my top recommendations for products that enhance volume:

1. Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. These products are formulated to cleanse and condition your hair without weighing it down. Look for ingredients like biotin and collagen, which help to thicken and strengthen your hair.

2. Root Lifting Spray

A root lifting spray is a must-have for creating volume. Apply it directly to your roots before blow-drying or using the B.R.U.S.H 30/40. These sprays provide lift and hold, making it easier to achieve and maintain volume throughout the day.

3. Volumizing Mousse

Volumizing mousse adds texture and fullness to your hair. Apply a golf ball-sized amount to damp hair, focusing on the roots and lengths. The mousse will help to create a foundation for volume, making it easier to style with the B.R.U.S.H 30/40.

4. Texture Spray

Texture sprays are perfect for adding grit and hold to your hair. After styling, spritz a light texture spray through your hair for added volume and movement. These sprays help to lock in your style and keep your hair looking voluminous all day.

5. Hair Powder

Hair powder is another fantastic product for adding volume, especially at the roots. Sprinkle a small amount onto your roots and massage it in. The powder will absorb excess oil and add lift, making your hair look fuller and more voluminous.

Using B.R.U.S.H 30/40 for Maximum Volume

Now that you know the techniques and products for enhancing volume, let’s talk about how the B.R.U.S.H 30/40 can help you achieve salon-worthy results at home. This thermal heating brush is designed for ease of use and delivers impressive results every time.

Advanced Technology

How long do MAKS last

The B.R.U.S.H 30/40 features advanced technology, including Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil, and Keratin infusions. These oils are released as the brush heats up, providing nourishment and enhancing shine during styling. The brush heats up to 180°C (356°F) and maintains a consistent temperature, ensuring your hair is styled safely and effectively.

Versatile Styling

Whether you want to create waves, curls, volume, or a straightened look, the B.R.U.S.H 30/40 can do it all. Its versatility makes it a must-have tool for anyone looking to achieve a variety of styles with minimal effort. The brush’s anti-slip handle and 360-degree swivel cable make it easy to use, while the heat protection glove ensures your hands stay safe.

Nourishing Ingredients

The infusion of macadamia oil, argan oil and keratin in the B.R.U.S.H 30/40 is a game-changer. These ingredients help to repair, moisturize, and strengthen your hair, leaving it shiny and healthy. The oils are released as the brush heats up, providing continuous nourishment with each use.

Easy to Use

One of the best things about the B.R.U.S.H 30/40 is how easy it is to use. Whether you’re a hair styling novice or a pro, this brush makes it simple to achieve your desired look. The single heat setting and quick heat-up time mean you can style your hair in minutes, perfect for those busy mornings or last-minute touch-ups.

Final Thoughts

Creating volume with a hot styling brush like the B.R.U.S.H 30/40 is easy and effective with the right techniques and products. By lifting your roots, adding body to fine hair, and using volumizing products, you can achieve a full, voluminous look that lasts all day. The B.R.U.S.H 30/40’s advanced technology, versatile styling capabilities, and nourishing ingredients make it the perfect tool for anyone looking to enhance their hair’s volume and shine.

Remember, the key to great hair is using the right tools and products. With the B.R.U.S.H 30/40, you can create salon-worthy styles at home, saving time and effort. So go ahead, give it a try, and enjoy the beautiful, voluminous hair you’ve always wanted!