From Straight to Curly: Versatile Styles with a Hot Styling Brush

From Straight to Curly: Versatile Styles with a Hot Styling Brush

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Styling your hair can often feel like a daily battle, especially when you're juggling multiple styling tools. Enter the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 – a revolutionary thermal heating brush designed to simplify your hair routine and deliver salon-quality results at home. With sizes tailored for both short to shoulder-length hair (Size 30) and medium to long hair (Size 40), the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 is your all-in-one solution for sleek, straight hair or bouncy, natural curls.

Straightening Your Long Hair with Ease

Girl with beautiful straight hair after using B.R.U.S.H 30

Using the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 to straighten your hair is a game-changer. The thermal brush heats up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit, the perfect temperature to style your hair while minimizing damage. The infusion of Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil and Keratin into the brush ensures that your hair remains shiny and healthy with every stroke. Here’s how you can achieve straight, smooth hair effortlessly:

  1. Preparation: Start with clean, dry or towel-dried hair. The B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 works best on hair that is free of heavy styling products.
  2. Sectioning: Divide your hair into manageable sections. This ensures that every strand gets the attention it needs and makes the straightening process more efficient.
  3. Brushing: Simply run the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 through each section of your hair, starting from the roots and gliding down to the tips. The anti-slip handle and 360-degree swivel cord make this process smooth and tangle-free.
  4. Final Touch: Once you've straightened all sections, give your hair a final brush-through to ensure everything is sleek and polished.

The result? Perfectly straight, frizz-free hair that shines with health. The B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 not only straightens but also nourishes your hair thanks to its infusion of natural oils.

Creating Natural Curls and Waves

Beautiful natural curly hair with B.R.U.S.H 30

If you’re in the mood for something different, the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 also excels at creating natural curls and waves. Achieving that effortless, beachy wave look or tight, defined curls is just as easy as straightening your hair. Here’s how:

  1. Preparation: Again, start with clean, dry or towel-dried hair. Section your hair to make curling easier.
  2. Curling: Wrap a section of your hair around the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40, hold for a few seconds, and then release. For tighter curls, wrap smaller sections of hair and hold longer. For looser waves, use larger sections and hold for a shorter time.
  3. Alternating Directions: For a more natural look, alternate the direction in which you wrap your hair around the brush. This prevents the curls from clumping together and adds volume.
  4. Finishing Touch: Once all sections are curled, gently run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls and give them a softer, more natural appearance.

The B.R.U.S.H. 30/40’s advanced technology ensures that your curls are not only beautiful but also healthy and shiny. The oils released during heating protect your hair and enhance its natural glow.

Mixing Up Your Style: Daily Inspirations


With the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40, you’re not limited to just straight or curly hair. This versatile tool allows you to experiment with a variety of styles, providing daily inspiration for your hair routine.

Volume and Lift

If your hair is feeling flat, the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 can add much-needed volume. Focus on the roots, lifting sections of hair with the brush and holding for a few seconds. This will give your hair a voluminous lift that lasts all day.

Inward and Outward Waves

For a more dynamic look, use the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 to create inward or outward waves. To achieve inward waves, wrap your hair around the brush and curl it towards your face. For outward waves, curl your hair away from your face. This technique adds movement and dimension to your hair.

Sleek Ponytails and Updos

The B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 is also perfect for creating sleek ponytails and updos. Use the brush to smooth out your hair before gathering it into a ponytail or bun. The result is a polished, professional look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Advantages of the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40

B.R.U.S.H 30/40 vs other brush

The B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 is packed with features that make it a must-have in your hair styling arsenal:

  • Repairing Properties: Enriched with Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil and Keratin the brush repairs and nourishes your hair, leaving it shiny and healthy.
  • Simple and Quick: Whether you’re looking for light waves, curls, volume, or straightening, the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 is flexible and easy to use.
  • Ease of Use: No more fiddling with a hairdryer and round brush. Achieve your dream hairstyle in minutes with this all-in-one tool.
  • Advanced Technology: The brush heats up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit, with ion technology for anti-static hair. It’s suitable for all hair lengths and types.
  • Heat Protection: The B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 includes a heat protection glove and has a 3-meter, 360-degree cable to prevent tangling.

Caring for Your Hair with B.R.U.S.H. 30/40

Your hair is made up of over 80% protein, and everyday activities like washing and styling can deplete this protein, leaving your hair dull and brittle. The B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 helps restore your hair’s natural health with its infusion of Keratin, Argan Oil, and Macadamia Oil.

Hairbrush featuring MAK technology with an oil-infused barrel containing macadamia oil, argan oil, and keratin
  • Macadamia Oil: Moisturizes, strengthens, and adds shine, thanks to its rich vitamin and mineral content.
  • Argan Oil: Restores natural moisture, adds shine and volume, and protects your hair from external influences.
  • Keratin: A natural body protein that restores and nourishes your hair, making it soft and shiny.


The B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 is a versatile, easy-to-use styling tool that can transform your hair from straight to curly and everything in between. Its advanced technology and natural oil infusion ensure that your hair remains healthy, shiny, and beautiful with every use. Whether you’re looking to straighten, curl, or add volume, the B.R.U.S.H. 30/40 has got you covered. Say goodbye to multiple styling tools and hello to effortless, salon-quality hair every day.